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 "When American Slim became a band, most of its members were still in middle school or junior high.  They played mostly covers, but began to integrating original tunes into the mix, inspired by classic rock, blues and funk influences.  The young group has already performed festivals like Crossroads Music Fest and Plaza Art Fair, and just last week took second place at a Battle of the Bands competition that earned them a spot at Middle of the Map Fest.  On Saturday at the TankRoom, the group releases its debut full-length album, "Irreplaceable" - Michelle Bacon                                                                                                                 Link:


Who: American Slim, reviving your faith in rock music

"What started as a group of teenage friends playing classic rock covers, American Slim has bloomed into a full-fledged blues rock outfit. Having just released their debut full-length album, "Irreplaceable" last week, these kids have solidified their place in the KC music community. For such a young group, the band truly understands the connection between the music and the audience, and they constantly strive to strengthen that connection."                                                                                                           Link:


Mills Record Co. - ShuttleROCK! Battle of The Bands

"Ending the battle will be American Slim. Truly roots music, the alternative five piece blends blues riffs with rocking rhythms. Blasting from verse to chorus, the band knows how to work a counterpoint for its maximum effect. American slim rides the boundary between alt-folk/country and blues-tinged rock to make music that will stir their audience. If you haven’t caught them live yet, this Friday will be the perfect time to do so."                                                                                                                               Link:

The Pitch KC: Must-see Local Music Videos

"The 2015 debut EP from American Slim was a pretty good amalgamation of indie and classic rock, but this new track finds the band securing its own footing in terms of sound. It's likely a little diminutive to refer to a band as adorable, but when your video features a stuffed Ewok dubbed "Wittle Wicket," that's kind of an expected sideeffect. The song builds from vocals and a simple guitar line to a dreamy lope, livened up with some great keyboard bits." -Nick Spacek                                                                Link:

Mills Record Co. - December 2015

"As powerful on stage as they are on record, the band infuses their already taut songs with extra amount of live energy. No matter what American Slim plays on Friday, the band is sure to impress."   -Brian Mills                                                                            Link:


Home Grown Rockstars in the Making – Northland Lifestyle July, 2013

Quoted from the Northland Lifestyle Magazine:   
“As the next generation of rock and roll’ the band is a combination of old soul and technical prowess leaving the crowd clamoring for more."  - Lisa Allen